Clinic Policies

Where Is The Building Located?

Family Chiropractic and Athlete Care Clinic is located inside Probeauty Suites building in Heartland Town Center.  The building is located between 2 major intersections: Matheson Blvd and Mavis  or Matheson Blvd and McLaughlin. 


Which Suite?

Directories are found on the front enterance door and inside the main wall. 


On the main wall there will be a directory and a map of the building. 

Family Chiropractic and Athlete Care clinic is located in Suite 28 - when entering the building go to the left hallway and we are on the left side. There you will see signs above each suite with clinic name and suite numbers.  As well, on the door of our suite you will see Family Chiropractic and Athlete Care logo with the doctors name.

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